BBQ Shrimp: A Classic

When most people think of a barbecue, they think of hot dogs and hamburgers, the old-fashioned staple foods of cookouts and family gatherings. Or maybe a thick, juicy steak, original or smothered in steak sauce, grilled to perfection over a bed of charcoal stones. Even chicken, whether wings, breasts, thighs or cutlets, is perfect over an open flame.

Barbecuing, the favorite outdoor activity of summer, has quickly become a year-round obsession, especially with the invention of indoor grilling machines. Barbecuing is healthier than many other cooking method – the fat and grease of meat is able to drip into the grill itself, rather than soaking back into the food. However, there is one way to make barbecuing even healthier: BBQ shrimp.

Shrimp and other seafood are far healthier than most other meats available. High in protein and low in fat, seafood is the food of the future, the choice of most health-conscious individuals. For that reason, it has been a favorite in the Asian nations for centuries. And BBQ shrimp is an even healthier option. But health does not have to be bland and flavorless. BBQ shrimp can be prepared in any number of ways, with any number of seasonings, but in the end, that wonderful grilled flavor accentuates any marinade, and truly makes better eating even better, and rather stylish and hip as well.

A Shrimp by Any Other Name

BBQ shrimp can be prepared to tantalize any set of taste buds. Peeled, cut and skewered, shrimp can be enjoyed plain or with the simplest seasonings – salt, pepper, garlic, lemon or line. Or, for those who are a bit more adventurous, BBQ shrimp can truly become an exploration in flavors. Shrimp can be marinated overnight in complex creations, or brushed while on the grill with overwhelming flavors. Traditional barbecue sauce is a favorite with shrimp, and teriyaki as well. But there is also Thai shrimp, Cajun shrimp and peanut shrimp.

Shrimp can be grilled and then added to salads, rice, pasta, jambalaya or any number of other dishes. BBQ shrimp can even be prepared in advance and cooled in the refridgerator, ready to be used in a sandwich or wrap. Either way, shrimp is always a healthy alternative to other meats, and as a staple ingredient in classic recipes, even the greasiest family dish can become surprisingly healthy. BBQ shrimp absorbs the wonderful grilled flavor of charcoal, and it brings that flavor wherever it goes, whether it be the skewer, a salad or directly to the tongue.