My Top Grilled Chicken Recipes

Some of the most commonly used ways for grilling are the broiler in the oven, the BBQ, and the electric grill. Chicken is an inexpensive and healthy food choice. Here are two grilled chicken recipes that I have successfully used over the years to keep my family happy and healthy. […]

The Rules of Grilling

There is something about grilling which brings out the best in foods. Nothing can quite compare to the smoky, toasty and delicately charred taste of foods which are hot off the grill. Whether it is roasted beef steak, pork roast, chicken skewers, grilled fish or vegetable kebobs, grilled foods are […]

Charcoal Grill Tips From a Real Pro

We love the taste of grilled chicken as much as we adore having grilled T-Bone. Grilling, for years, has been providing many with benefits including satisfying a diner’s insatiable thirst for great food. Having a suitable equipment, basic skills and important details are said to be the primary components of […]